This will change your life

Just kidding — unless you do these three things

Yes, space travel, the ever-increasing speed of the internet and advances in medicine will continue to change the world, but does this change who we are as an individual? Future-gazing and new technologies are life-changing for the universal human experience but what about when it comes to more personal matters?

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As individuals, it’s mostly our connection with people, life experiences and personal education that change the course of our lives in an epic way.

I’ve read a lot of books and will admit, I’m sucked in by the claims it will be transformative. We all want something promising to make life easier in an instant, it’s why we’re drawn to click-bait and willing to believe one product will get us our dream [insert: body/home/partner/career/bank balance]. Obviously, no such product exists.

The reality is, what changes one person won’t necessarily be life changing for you. It doesn’t matter how revolutionary the idea is or how the message is delivered, if you’re not ready to receive it, it will have zero impact.

It applies to everything.

For someone one person can come along and turn their life upside down, in a good or bad way. For another, the same person is ‘meh’. How you show up is based on your own experiences and persona — ultimately dictating whether or not the meeting or information will be transformative for you.

We think it’s them but usually it is us. We think it is the product (film, book, song, diet) but it’s much more about us, the consumer.

Even with your arms, heart and mind wide open, something being a game-changer is not guaranteed. Here’s the kicker. It it only becomes life-changing when you take ownership and action with it. It’s good to get inspired with ideas that make you think differently but if you don’t do anything with it, nothing is changing in you, or your life.

Someone amazing enters your life — you have to take action to keep them there. Something you read or watch challenges the way you think — you need to implement for anything to be different.

Another kicker, but you also need to take action every single day. I could reel off fifty plus quotes or ideas I’ve screen-shotted but unless I’m applying it, they are merely another snap existing on my camera roll. Buried in my iCloud stream until I’m bored, have a scroll and *bam* it hits me in the feels all over again.

A real and profound life-change is found in the minutiae, sometimes mundane stuff you do everyday. When habits are done over a course of a week, month and year, they can shape a lifetime.

Things rarely change overnight. Unless you win the lottery or go on Love Island. But even then, you’re still you just with a big bank balance or blue tick and a Boohoo discount code.

Something to think about the next time you hear or feel something that stirs something inside of you. Don’t be passive and let the feeling wash over you. Do something with it.

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