The War isn’t on Obesity

We need a plan for improving mental health not our waistlines

We haven’t finished the war on the virus and the government has already started the next; the war on obesity.

For a fleeting moment, I considered maybe coronavirus has made the gov’t realise the NHS is royally f**cked when shit hits the fan, so they need to do everything to alleviate further catastrophes — which makes obesity the next thing on the agenda…

That quickly passed, and now I’m sat here like — really?

The country has just spent the best part of the year stuck indoors, riding out the uncertainty of a global pandemic — is now really the best time?

The plan seems to be another lip service campaign — a list of new tactics rather than getting to the root of the issue.

Bold claim, but capitalism/consumerism needs to take accountability for obesity in our country. I don’t believe it should be put back on us for being a ‘greedy, lazy’ nation.

Working 40+ hours a week is now the norm — chasing materialistic wealth, status has been prioritised over our health. We’re ‘time-poor’; so the answer is cheap convenience foods, and making everything available to us at a click of a button.

From the tactics of banning fast food adverts before 9pm or restricting supermarkets BOGOF deals, it seems the gov’t are trying to socially distanced from the big, bad corporations — portraying them as ‘the problem’.

Not acknowledging this is all wrapped up in their need for a thriving economy — the more we consume whether that’s food or booze , the healthier our economy.

Opening pubs & restaurants before gyms was the biggest contradiction ever! And now you have the audacity to release a new plan to tackle obesity.

This links back to a point of one of my previous emails about coupling.

You’d assume the people who make these plans have the intelligence to look at the full picture — not just address one part of the problem. While I’m no expert, I don’t think it takes a genius to see it’s likely the convenience of our modern lifestyles paired with other issues that causes people to overeat.

We have no problem acknowledging alcohol and drug abusers use substances to escape, numb or mask from other issues in their life.

Yet we think if someone is overweight, it’s just greed, laziness a lack of self control rather than applying the same logic and asking about their mental health…

People across the world have lost loved ones, their jobs, their businesses, even their sense of freedom. It’s going to take more than a traffic light system or a Weight Watchers subscription to solve these issues.

Talk about kicking us while we’re down.

Right now we should be talking about the state of our mental health, rather than our waist lines.



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